Common ground gallery

Berlin, Germany

The Common Ground Gallery is located in the Hip Hop Stützpunkt along with From Here To Fame Publishing. The gallery hosts a variety of urban culture, graffiti and Hip Hop related exhibitions, workshops and book releases. The opening hours are linked to the event, so please check exhibitions and events listed for up to date information.

Award for our project space 2013

Berlin, Germany

“Hip Hop Stützpunkt” (base) together with From Here To Fame und Common Ground Gallery are proud to announce, that we have been awarded a prize rewarding art project spaces and initiatives by the Senate of Berlin. The jury selected the winners from 61 applicants. On the occasion of the award, we show a showcase Exhibition in the Common Ground Gallery.

Show Case Exhibition

17. - 22. September 2013 / 12am - 6 pm

The “Hip Hop Stützpunkt” has been a center for numerous exhibitions and international Art projects since its opening in 2007. The Cultural projects initiated and organized from this initiative over the past years outreached to countries like China, India, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, France, Germany, Argentinia, just to name a few. The diverse programs ranged from contemporary art exhibitions, Street Art and Graffiti Festivals, Hip Hop and other music concerts, break dance events and DJ Club tours. The amount of events is staggering and impossible to all put into one single exhibition in our gallery. This exhibition is a mix of original art works and photographs. It shows our wide spectrum but only a fraction of our extensive body of work.



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